Our team - it is a young and friendly people. We guarantee individual approach to every user, to ensure that everything is comfortable for him. Site is opened for all users, regardless of country or language.


Oleg Meleshko
CEO, Lead developer

Oleg - co-founder and lead developer of GetBetUp project. He has more than 5 years of experience in web development and application programming. Participation in a variety of projects, as well as cooperation with various big companies allowed to realize the most of accumulated ideas in this social network.

Maryna Samsyka

Maryna - graphic designer of GetBetUp project. She is totally good with people in communication and has a lot of experience to work in a team, so any ideas of creative department put into reality almost immediately without much effort. According to gained knowledge and experience in design flow Maryna can find necessary solution pretty easy.

Katya Zhurba

Over the 5 years Ekaterina works in the newspaper and on-line journalism. These skills were used for content management on the site, advertising, design and public relations. A lot of experience in reportage and artistic photography helps to organize and design tasks.

Karina Smotrova

Karina - creative brain of GetBetUp team. A lot of experience in KVN games, director activity, writing scenarios, organizing various cultural events help to create crazy and interesting ideas for challenges.

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